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Why you might want to become a counsellor

Counselling is an opportunity to affect the life of another person in a positive and meaningful way. But that’s just one of the many reasons why you might want to consider counselling as a career. Here are the top six reasons to become a counsellor:

Counselling has many opportunities

As a counsellor, you may work in schools, universities, workplaces, hospitals, youth centres, or churches and religious organisations. Counselling allows for self-employment, freelance work, and volunteering to add to your experience and portfolio. Additionally, you can work with clients of all ages, such as children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly.

The industry allows for flexibility and work-life balance

A counselling career can be a flexible one that caters to your personal life and responsibilities. This is also reflected in the training, you can study part time to gain your diploma qualification, pause between levels and still be able to qualify in a time frame that suits you.

You can experience a feeling of meaning in your career

Often people leave previously established careers to switch to counselling because they want a sense of meaning that their previous career was unable to offer. Counselling allows you to connect to others and help them through some of the most difficult and challenging moments of their lives. What could be more meaningful than that?

You can make a real difference in someone’s life

A counsellor provides much-needed assistance to clients who are experiencing problems in their everyday lives. As a counsellor, you provide guidance, support, and direction, and you can see your contribution to your client’s development  first hand as together you work towards a positive solution to their problem. 

Counselling allows for continual professional and personal growth

It’s not just your clients who will grow from your sessions with them; you will grow as a professional and a person too. From a personal perspective, training to be a counsellor is a journey of self-discovery.

Job growth in the industry continues to rise

With job prospects for counsellors at a high, the time is right to enter this field. Employment in counselling has increased by over 50% in the last five years.

Becoming a counsellor

If you like the sound of helping people navigate the difficulties of life, then you should consider enrolling on to one of our counselling courses

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