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We need someone to fill a vital and challenging frontline role – could you do it?

The New Futures Project is looking for some special people to take on one of the most important and challenging voluntary roles here or, quite possibly, anywhere else in the city.

We would love to hear from anyone who would like to join our reception team – essentially becoming the friendly face of the project to all those who come to see us.  

Visitors come to our centre  – in London Road, Leicester – for all kinds of reasons. Some arrive here at critical moments in their lives – and that is why the role of receptionist here is so special.

Our director, Della Kagure-Brown, said: “This is one of the most important roles within the project. 

“People come to this building at a point of real crisis in their lives and we recognise how much courage it can take to ask for help.

“We want all of them to receive a friendly and warm welcome and made to feel they have come to the right place.

“We need people who can offer that welcome and help people at times of acute distress.”

Our volunteers are the priority when we are recruiting for paid roles, Della added.

Our current receptionist is Usmarn Hussain – who, we stress, is not leaving us. Instead, we want to free up some of his time to allow him to lend his talents to other aspects of our work.

He said: “The person in reception is the first face clients see when they come to New Futures.

“You never know what is coming next. You are there to make sure that person is seen to appropriately and gets the help they need. It comes with a lot of responsibility, but it is a very rewarding role.”

Usmarn related one recent case he dealt with.

He said: “A woman with two very young children came in recently and told us she was homeless and that they had spent the previous night on the street.

“We were able to ensure she was housed that day. She came to see us the next week and she looked amazingly well and her children were happy.

“It can be a difficult job sometimes but this is a very supportive place.”

Our opening hours are 9.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Thursday, however we would be happy to split these shifts to suit our volunteers.

New Futures was set up more than 20 years ago to support women involved in sex work.

However, we have evolved into a welfare and counselling service for women and young people dealing with sexual abuse or exploitation – frequently involving domestic violence, trafficking, poverty and debt, substance use or mental ill-health.

Call us on 0116 251 0803 or send us a message at:

You can find us at 71 London Road, Leicester, LE2 0PE.

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