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‘Why I Love Mondays’ – The New futures Project is a great place to work

I work at The New Futures ProjectIt’s a small local charity supporting vulnerable women. 

Women who are experiencing some difficulties which are making them depressed, anxious, unhappy and who are struggling to cope. 

Women very much like you or me who are going through a difficult time and need some support to help them enjoy life again.

I’ve always been someone who has supported my friends and family. I was often the person people turned to if their relationship broke up, if they got into debt, if their kids were being bullied. 

I enjoyed helping people. But I never thought it could be a job. A job I got paid for. A job that meant I went home each night feeling like I’d really made a difference.

Sometimes they’ll talk about being abused or neglected as a child, about being raped, about receiving a worrying health diagnosis, about losing a parent, about living with a partner’s violence. I never know what they’re going to tell me.

However sad, complicated or difficult the story is though what I do know is that after I’ve completed my assessment, the project will find a counsellor to work with them to provide professional help and support. 

The New Futures Project supports over one hundred women a week, providing counselling and practical support and I am very proud to be a part of that team.

Every Monday at the end of my working day I go home knowing that the women I met that day, will soon feel listened to, supported and realise that they don’t have to cope alone.

Professional counselling is more than just talking. It’s different than the support I used to offer to my friends and family over a cup of coffee or a bottle of wine. I’m qualified now. 

I’ve received professional training and what I do isn’t just a chat or even just a job, it’s a profession. 

I know how to provide the right support to the women I see. I understand about professional boundaries, about safeguarding, about confidentiality. 

My work is guided and supported by a clinical supervisor who encourages me to improve and develop my skills. I take pride in what I do. And I go home every day feeling like I’ve made a difference. 

That what I’ve done during the day has given comfort and hope to five or six women who really needed it.

 And that’s why I love Mondays. 


Counselling is an opportunity to affect the life of another person in a positive and meaningful way. But that’s just one of the many reasons why you might want to consider counselling as a career.

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