Short Term Case Work

Referrals to the young people’s team are made by social work teams in Leicester City, County and Rutland. Workers from the project then carry out an assessment and agree an action plan with the young person and relevant professionals when appropriate. The project worker meets with young people to offer individual support on a weekly basis, at a time convenient to the young person and in a place where they feel safe. We spend time building a trusting relationship to ensure the young people feel comfortable sharing their experiences and feelings.
When a young person is engaged during one-to-one sessions, we address a range of issues such as awareness raising of sexual exploitation and grooming; managing risk and keeping safe; drug and alcohol use; positive relationships with boy/girlfriends, family, peers, home staff and other agencies; sexual health and contraception and education/training opportunities and career prospects. All our work is informed and evidence based.
We recognise that the young people we support may have experienced breakdown in family relationships and abusive attachments and have had contact with different professionals throughout their lives and as such may find it extremely hard to trust others.
Most short term work is delivered over a period of 8-10 weeks and cases are closed when all relevant professionals and the young person involved agree that the CSE risk has been significantly reduced. Young people are encouraged to contact the project If they need further support in the future.