We use Facebook for young people who may access support from The New Futures Project. Young people can ask questions privately and confidentially through private messaging.
Facebook provides a convenient and safe method of communication allowing the young person to ask any questions pertinent to them and receive advice in real time, regardless of their locality, without the feeling of being judged.
This ‘virtual drop-in’ provides weekly status updates around advice, tips and information on how to keep safe, promoting self-esteem, healthy relationships and raising awareness of other support services available for them. The young people can ask questions and get advice without the negative feelings attached by talking to an adult or professionals face to face. Another valuable asset of Facebook is the potential of providing missing young people a means of communication to workers who are able to give advice for the young person to keep safe.
Facebook provides a virtual learning environment enabling workers to equip young people with protective tools to keep them safe and free of CSE. Facebook is also a way of communicating with young people in an environment they trust and are familiar with. We recognise that the majority of young people today have access to a Facebook account; therefore this service provides young people a safe virtual environment where ultimately they can open up their feelings without the pressure of any face to face contact.