Young People’s Outreach

Outreach sessions are conducted two nights a week from 6pm until midnight to the area of the city used for street prostitution. The delivery of this service enables us to observe any vulnerable young people who may be at risk or involved in CSE whilst out in the ‘beat’ area. The project has dedicated outreach workers who over many years have built up strong and trusting relationships with the women working in street prostitution. Frequently it is the women working on the street who are the first to notify us if there is a young person out on the ‘beat’. The inclusion of young people’s workers within the outreach team means any concerns raised can be dealt with professionally and in line with child protection protocol. The outreach service has resulted in many young people being identified and safeguarding procedures to be implemented, ensuring that vulnerable young people are identified and supported, and that no one slips through the net.
The New Futures workers are also involved in additional targeted outreach sessions, carried out at the request of other professionals including the police. The purpose of these sessions is to identify any young people congregating in areas identified by professionals as of interest due to increased risk for example due to the presence of known individuals. This approach to joint working with partnership agencies has enabled us to identify and support young people to become free of sexual exploitation.