Transition Programme

This is an intensive programme of support for young women aged between 16 and 21 years and assessed as most vulnerable to involvement in CSE and subsequent involvement in prostitution due to increased vulnerabilities such as childhood sexual abuse, neglect, physical abuse, family breakdown, low self-esteem, identity crisis, cultural/religious expectations, drug and alcohol use and involvement in peer group/gangs. Many are receiving little or no support from family or statutory services and are facing transition into adulthood essentially alone and with poor or little guidance or support.
Our workers provide a package of support involving assisted and accompanied referrals to partnership agencies and co-ordinate the support provided by these services. This intensive support service provides young women with holistic wrap around support on par with that experienced by young women with strong, effective and nurturing parenting. We work to address causative and associated factors such as childhood sexual abuse, identity crisis, family estrangement and conflict using our understanding of social work theories such as attachment and relationship based social work. We deliver counselling including solution focussed therapy and motivational interviewing and deliver interventions from a caring, empathic and supportive perspective.
In addition to the holistic care package we deliver sessions to young women individually and through groups to address barriers to attainment including employability skills, accessing education and training, accessing housing support and benefits and life skills including independent living. These sessions are delivered as part of a structured programme and involve the young women attending sessions for 2 to 3 days per week in addition to the emotional support already being provided.
The programme provides co-ordinated emotional, practical and specialist support to young women enabling them to successfully address their vulnerability factors and transition into adulthood free from exploitation and abuse and prevent their transition from victims of CSE to street sex workers.