Young People’s Services

We deliver a programme of support to young people individually or in groups around raising awareness of abusive and damaging relationships; how to identify risky situations;  recognising grooming behaviour; understanding coercion and exploitation; exploring consent; how to keep safe including on line and promoting self-esteem and emotional wellbeing.

We have identified from the work we have undertaken and as a result of Covid, that there is a recognised gap in support for young adults who are in transition (18-25). We know that transitions is not a linear path, we aim to work with individuals and focus on what they identify to be priority for positive change.

We work with young people assessed as most at risk of, involved in or affected by sexual exploitation and abuse through our intensive transitions programme. This programme delivers counselling, emotional and practical support aimed at assisting young people to move successfully into independence and adulthood.

The programme works with young people to help them manage the impact of adverse childhood experiences and trauma such as neglect, physical sexual and emotional abuse and supports engagement with education, training and employment.