Social Work Placement

An excellent opportunity to work within a voluntary / community setting with adult women involved in sex work and young people affected by sexual exploitation.


Students at New Futures will complete shifts in the project’s Drop In responding to immediate need and crisis. Drop In shifts will include preparing drinks and hot meals, facilitating access to clothing donations and supporting women to use facilities such as showers, washing machines and arts and crafts materials. Women access the Drop In at times of crisis the work will involve assisting women who need emergency housing, need urgent medical attention, are fleeing domestic violence or generally need a high level of emotional support. Students will be given responsibility for a small caseload of women involved in street prostitution and young people affected by sexual exploitation. Casework will involve supporting adult women by making referrals to medical professionals including drugs workers; housing support workers; domestic violence professionals and specialist police teams. Students will be expected to follow Child Protection protocols in order to effectively safeguard young people at risk of CSE including Section 17 and 47 and Section 20 of the Children Act 1989 and 2004.

Students will produce the young people’s and adult’s newsletters and monitor and reply as appropriate to women and young people using Twitter and Facebook to access support from the project. Students will be expected to deliver surgeries in partnership agencies and deliver workshops to groups of young people as part of their placement. Students placed within New Futures will be expected to participate in some evening and daytime outreach sessions.

Administration and Assessment

Recording is an integral part of the New Futures Project. It forms an essential element for the gathering of information, analysis and decision making and a means by which staff can justify, explain and be accountable for their actions.

All students will complete an assessment for each of their cases within 28 days of allocation. This is a holistic assessment exploring all vulnerability factors focusing on those specific to sex work and sexual exploitation and includes a lone working risk assessment. Students will then be expected to complete a report and work plan centred on this assessment; making theory and evidence based recommendations.

Professional Development and Supervision

All students undertaking placements at the New Futures Project are expected to attend and participate fully in a programme of training sessions, workshops, tutorials and supervision sessions designed to inform and support their practice within this field of social work. Students are expected to keep a log of all professional development and supervision sessions which will form part of the curriculum portfolio.

Students will be closely supervised by their appointed case managers and undertake a monthly review of all cases, alongside formal and informal supervision. This ensures the needs of the service user are being addressed as well as the student receiving knowledge and guidance to apply in their own social work practice.