Services to Professionals

We work closely with a few key service providers covering Leicester Leicestershire and Rutland. We aim to raise awareness by providing information and learning opportunities to support the organisations and professionals to understand and work more effectively with our client group.

These are some of the services we are liaising with in these services and to provide further support for our clients:

• Leicester and Leicestershire City Council

• Turning Point

• The Dawn Centre

• Zinthiya Trust

• Action Homeless

We are also members of the following focus groups and attend meetings around:

• Member of the NHS People’s Council for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

• Mental health Central Access Point redesign consultation.

• De Montfort University student sex worker toolkit development.

• Advancing Mental Health Equality steering group.

• Centre for Social Justice focus groups.

• LCC rough sleeping consultation.

• Beyond The Gaze (online sex work) practitioner’s forum.

• Central Access Point mental health teams/pathways focus group.

We take part in these meetings/groups to ensure the voices of our service users are heard, raise awareness and to ensure these services become more accessible and responsive to our client group.

We are active members of:

• NWG Network – the national working group tackling child sexual exploitation.

• UKNSWP – The national organisation of sex work projects

• BACP – The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy