How to get Help

If you are involved in sex work or someone affected by sexual exploitation / abuse who needs support throughout the COVID-19 crisis please contact us for confidential support and guidance.

You can review all of our referral forms on the website by clicking here and then email with any enquiries or to submit the form to:

You do not need an appointment to visit us at our drop-in, please view the page of opening hours.

Between 7pm to 11pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings you can approach our outreach team who drive around the area of the city used for sex work offering support to street sex workers. Our outreach team frequently park up to speak to sex workers and can be recognised by the New Futures logo on their clothing.

If there is no immediate danger you can report inappropriate behaviour to the police on 101.

If you believe a child is in immediate danger of child sexual exploitation you can contact the police on 999. You can also contact Childrens Social Care on:

0116 4541004 (Leicester City)

0116 3050005 (Leicestershire)

01572 758407 (Rutland)

Sign up and report through the National Ugly Mugs Referral on their website linked here

Please note that during the current situation with Covid-19 it may take up to 24 hours to respond to you.