What We Do

“New Futures has saved my life in more than one way, without it I don’t know if I’d be here.”

The New Futures Project presently supports women in crisis through:

• A daily and evening drop in to meet immediate need including providing hot food, clothing and shower facilities

• One to one support at our drop in to discuss issues such as benefits; council tax; housing; legal matters; and welfare check-ins.

• Offer assessments to our free counselling sessions

• Outreach to women working in street prostitution

• Outreach to women impacted by COVID-19

• Outreach to women vulnerable to sexual exploitation through being street homeless.

• Crisis case support to women whose involvement in street prostitution makes them especially vulnerable to domestic violence; drug and alcohol use; sexual and physical violence; mental and physical ill health; involvement in the criminal justice system and childcare and custody difficulties.

• Crisis case support to women who have been impacted by COVID-19 and makes them vulnerable to domestic violence; financial issues; mental and physical health; childcare custody difficulties.