Exiting Programme

To date, 89 women have successfully completed the programme.

The exiting programme is for women who have made the decision to exit prostitution and need assistance to make a successful and sustainable exit. An individual programme is designed for each participant’s assessed issues.

The exiting programme is very intensive and typically becomes a major focus in the lives of the women completing it. We recognise that reducing the level of support abruptly for women who have recently made significant lifestyle changes means that we are increasing their risk of lapse or relapse but it is unrealistic to continue that level of support to an increasing number of women indefinitely.

Our exiting programme supports women to make a successful and sustained exit through practical support addressing barriers such as:

• Involvement in abusive relationships

• Drug and alcohol use

• Housing and tenancy

• Benefits and budgeting

• Offending behaviour

• Support networks and peer support

• Education and CV writing

• Training, employment and volunteering opportunities

• Rebuilding family relationships

• Mental health and emotional wellbeing