Who We Support

“Everything they do, they do it to a 101% and with no delay.”

New Futures Project work with Women and Young People in the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland area; who are at risk of or who are being sexually exploited. We have extended our services to provide support to women made particularly vulnerable to involvement in sexual exploitation for the first time due to COVID-19 and the subsequent extended lockdowns Leicester has experienced.

We want to use the experience and learning we have gained from over twenty years of working with this client group to instigate and support generational change, supporting women to break the cycle of abuse, exploitation, poverty and marginalisation which in many cases has been present within families for multiple generations.

Our clients include:

Street sex workers

Indoor sex workers working in massage parlours or saunas

Online workers; working on websites like OnlyFans


Students, young people and ‘sugar babes’ seeking financial arrangements

Adults and young people who have experienced trafficking or human slavery

Adults and young people assessed as at risk of or vulnerable to sexual exploitation and abuse

Adults and young people currently involved in sexual exploitation and abuse

Adults and young people with a history of sexual exploitation and abuse