Psychodynamic counselling places an emphasis on revisiting childhood relationships and experiences and the reworking of these during therapy. For our client group these experiences typically involve childhood sexual abuse, significant parental neglect and deprivation and physical and emotional abuse. Working psychodynamically with our clients has resulted in significant and sustained improvement in how the women and young people we work with relate to others and identify and understand their own patterns of behaviour.

We believe that access to long term Psychodynamic therapy is a crucial requirement to achieve change and provides a real opportunity for our client group to address the causative factors of their involvement in this lifestyle.

We are able to offer weekly psychodynamic therapy sessions for clients at the project. The therapy is delivered by a member of our management team who is a qualified and BACP registered psychodynamic psychotherapist and a qualified and registered social worker.

The benefit of this provision is that the counsellor has worked at the project for eighteen years and is well known to the regular client group. This is important as we recognise that many of the client group have previous experiences which have affected their perception of how they are viewed by mainstream professionals and have difficulties trusting and feeling confident accessing more mainstream support.