Prison Support

The project holds a weekly clinic within Peterborough prison, providing support to women on remand or serving sentences. Peterborough is the receiving prison for women from Leicester both on remand and post sentencing. We regularly visit women serving sentences in prisons across the country, most regularly Foston Hall and Drake Hall.
Most of the women are serving relatively short sentences relating to their prostitution and substance misuse such as dealing illegal substances, theft, low level fraud and other poverty crimes.
Some of the women we work with have been involved in prostitution and drug use for many years. This may have increased their exposure to criminal activity and their association with perpetrators of more organised and high profile crime. Consequently, there are a small number of women we support in prison who are serving longer sentences for more serious and violent crimes.
We support the women during sentences by helping them identify and access support within the prison, facilitating contact with family and friends and providing essential clothing. We write letters, support family and friends to visit and send in small postal orders for birthdays and Christmas.
We also provide court support and help the women understand their rights regarding their imprisonment.
We help the women to prepare for release by providing support around identifying and accessing appropriate housing and ensuring women have the appropriate support relating to their substance use.