Indoor Sex Workers/Sauna Workers

When requested, project workers visit premises in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland where women are involved in selling sex. These include private houses and flats as well as commercially run “saunas”. The purpose of this work is to support the health and welfare of the women working in the indoor sex industry. Project workers work closely with local sexual health services to ensure women working in the indoor sex industry have access to condoms, gloves, dental dams and advice on safer sex, sexual health and general health.
We work in partnership with professionals from the GUM service who will provide sexual health screening within the premises whenever appropriate. Women working in indoor settings tend to live less chaotic lives than those working on the street and often require advice on becoming self employed, legislation, careers and further education and increasingly issues concerning immigration. Within the saunas and private flats we frequently meet women who talk to us about trafficking concerns either in relation to their own situation or in relation to other women they know to be involved.