Crisis Response

The project aims to provide holistic support to women involved in prostitution using a casework system. We provide extensive support as required and women are free to re engage at any time without the need for re referral. Once women have been supported by the project, they are always welcome to access us for further support.
Although our aim is to provide long term consistent support, predominantly our case work is crisis led and reactive due to the chaotic lifestyles many of the women lead. Typically women access the project for support around domestic violence, rape and sexual violence from punters, emergency housing, support with substance misuse, contact with the criminal justice system, pregnancy and child protection related social care involvement.
Many of the women we work with have diagnosed or undiagnosed mental health problems which are exacerbated by self medication through alcohol, crack cocaine, heroin or a combination of all three.
As part of the support process, our caseworkers attend multi agency meetings such as Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA), Integrated Offender Management (IOM), Care Plan Approach review meetings; providing reports on work undertaken with the service user, jointly assessing the service users current situation and risk and actioning work agreed at the meetings.