Counselling Service

Over the time we have been working with women in prostitution we have identified many common childhood experiences including poor attachment, childhood sexual abuse, significant neglect and deprivation and physical and emotional abuse. When we have been able to access psychodynamic counselling for our clients we have seen significant and sustained improvement in how the women and young people we work with relate to others and identify and understand their own patterns of behaviour. This we believe is due to the emphasis in psychodynamic therapy of revisiting childhood relationships and experiences and the reworking of these during therapy.
Unfortunately as a result of the present economic climate and the lack of resources, it is becoming more difficult to source long term psychodynamic therapy for the client group. Additionally as a result of previous experiences and many of the client groups own perception of how they are viewed by many mainstream professionals, there is a real issue with trust and many are not confident with accessing more mainstream support.
We have concluded therefore that access to long term Psychodynamic therapy is a crucial requirement to achieve change and provides a real opportunity for our client group to address the causative factors of their involvement in this lifestyle and that this needs to be available at a time and place they feel comfortable with. We believe for this to be effective, psychodynamic therapy needs to be delivered to the client group through the project. One of our management team is currently studying for an MA in psychodynamic counselling and is able to provide sessions for clients with appropriate supervision. Our aim is to deliver psychodynamic therapy sessions directly to the client group and to eventually recruit, develop and support a team of counsellors to ensure this is available to all of our client group and becomes a significant aspect of our practice.