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The 1st - 7th February is the UK Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week.

We are looking forward to some great conversations and awareness raising.


#WorldAIDSDay2020 #worldaids2020
Sex workers in communities around the world are organising to end exploitation and violence, to access appropriate and respectful health car.
As a result of criminalisation few institutions are willing to fund the fight for sex workers' rights.

Next Thursday is the International Day to End Violence against Sex Workers. Today we are honoured to present the initiative from our grantee Red Edition 'Sexy Conference'.

Watch this space for further initiatives from the movement!



THREAD: We recognise the impact that Covid-19 continues to have on the mental wellbeing of our local population, and want to ensure that people can access the right help. The resource below has been translated into 11 different languages to signpost people to support. (1/13)

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